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Our Instructors

Michele Hemsing 

Michele has lived in Brooks for over 25 years and has 4 beautiful girls with her husband Jason.  Michele has been AFLCA certified for over 10 years as a Group Exercise Specialty Leader with designations in Choreography, Cycle, Step and Portable Equipment.  Being an instructor provides her the opportunity to meet and learn from people that share a passion for health and wellness.  Michele is inspired by those who show up class after class whether it’s their best or worst day and says it pushes her to show up for them!! “There is nothing more motivating than being part of someone’s fitness journey.”



Samantha Anderson


Samantha is a certified CanFit Pro personal trainer and boot camp instructor. In addition, with her Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Degree (CRDS), she works as a physio and occupational therapist assistant. Through her love of health and fitness, consistency and determination, she was able to receive her Firgure Pro card though INBF Canada. She is excited to continue her journey as she gets ready to compete in the 2021 WNBF Worlds! 


Her goal is to help others achieve their health and fitness dreams as she strives to promote wellness both physically and mentally through her services.



Skyhlar McIntosh


Skyhlar McIntosh is 29 years old and originally from Manitoba. She and her husband moved to Brooks September of 2019 and love it here. She loves fitness and keeping active through Zumba and her good friend's bootcamps and challenges. Skyhlar is super excited to be teaching Zumba at RSDA!



Kayleigh Louey Paddock 


Kayleigh was born and raised in Brooks Alberta. She has always lived a very active lifestyle and has always been very passionate about fitness. Almost 2 years ago she fell in love with Group Fitness. Being a Mom to 4 boys she struggled to find the time to regularly work out at home but after that very first class she finally felt motivated and excited to work out! There was something very different about going to a class full of other people all there to work hard, push each other and have fun! She says, “Fitness is so important not only for our physical health but our mental health as well and I loved the challenges I faced mentally during class. Our minds are just like any other muscle in our bodies and require constant challenges to grow and strengthen. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get active, improve strength and endurance or just looking for something to do to try a fitness class. No matter your current fitness level or experience anyone can do it if they put their mind to it!”


Kayleigh has currently completed her Certification through AFLCA.  She is so excited to start teaching at RSDA and to help other people on their journey to a happier healthier lifestyle!



Tessa Kemp

Tessa has been involved with RSDA since an early age training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Musical Theatre.  Her love of dance continued and she pursed a career becoming a certified ADAPT teacher, the leading dance syllabus in North America.  Her knowledge of body awareness through dance led her to another new venture and she now holds an AFLCA fitness certification (the highest standard fitness certification in Alberta). Tessa brings her knowledge to providing a healthy and active lifestyle to people of all ages.  Her Mantra!  Exhale stress, inhale peace...healthy body, healthy mind.


Our Classes

HIIT:  A workout that mixes high and low intensity periods to produce ideal results in less time!  You will leave this class sweaty and strong.
Zumba: Zumba fitness combines elements of cardio, muscle conditioning, and interval-style training in a fun and uplifting workout! This super effective calorie-burning dance fitness party will leave you feeling sweaty and awesome!! Perfect for everybody and every body!

Total Body Conditioning: The focus for this class is on all major muscle groups. We will incorporate resistance training and cardio exercises to improve tone, strength and cardiovascular endurance.  

Bounce Fitness: Receive a killer cross training workout experience without the high impact! After decades of research, it’s been proven that Bounce Fitness is an exercise that is safe for the joints. The boots reduce up to 80% of athletic impact through the shoe’s Impact Protection System (IPS), but provides users with 100% of the exercise benefits and fun! All ages and fitness levels approved!



Drop-in Fitness Classes

Drop-in price for all classes is $15.00  Please bring cash, and arrive a few minutes before the class to pay. 

**Drop-in is not available for Bounce Fitness**


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