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Meet the instructors at Rhythmic Soles Dance Academy!
Learn why they are Passionate about what they do...

Trina Jones

- Founder and Artistic Director of Rhythmic Soles Dance Academy.

- Grant MacEwan College Fine Arts Dance Diploma with First Class Standing in Performance and Choreography

- Certified A.D.A.P.T.  Jazz and Tap Teacher

- Trina was a competitive gymnast and a national level tumbler.

- Was a member of the Calgary Dance Express  and performed in Australia and New Zealand.

- Workshops and Conferences at:
        - Edge Performing Arts, Los Angeles
        - Broadway Dance Center, New York City
        - Harbour Dance Centre, Vancouver
        - Dance Life, Orlando
        - Dance Life, Boston

Trina has brought her love of dance, experience and past achievements with her to Rhythmic Soles Dance Academy and looks forward to another successful and unforgettable season with her students and teachers.

Trina and her husband Jake are thrilled to announce the arrival of their new baby boy!




Elena Kinozerova

Elena started her professional ballet training in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She graduated with Honors, from the State Choreographic School in Russia in 1995 and went on to participate as a professional and often principal dancer in several National and International tours.  She has been privileged to work with world wide know classical and modern choreographers from Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Germany and has also participated in numerous international Ballet Festivals and Tours (Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Argentina and Russia).  Elena has been a ballet teacher for 10 years.  She enjoys teaching students of all ages and has been credited for having students accepted into major ballet schools such as Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Quinte Ballet School of Canada.  She is excited to share her passion for ballet with the students of RSDA.









Ilshat Farjutdinov... 

- Born in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

- Graduated from State Choreographic College with a Diploma in Professional Ballet Dance
- Professional Teacher’s Training Program (Choreography art)

Ilshat began his professional career with the Turkmen State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet and also danced in Classical Ballet of Uzbekistan. Continued his career in St.Petersburg, Russia ( Mariinskiy Theatre, L.V. Yakobson St. Petersburg Charity Fund Ballet, St. Petersburg Malenkiy Ballet) as a leading and guest dancer. Ilshat was a Principal dancer at the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet St. Petersburg N.A. Rimskiy-Korsakov (Dr. Professor, National Artist of the USSR, N. A .Dolgushin ) St. Petersburg, Russia. Also was a Principal dancer in the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet Libertador San Martin, Cordoba, Argentina (Director C. A.Flores )

He has many years of experience as a professional ballet teacher and choreographer in Argentina, Canada, Russia, worked in the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics (choreographer, ballet teacher) Russia.  His teaching experience include, Ballet Technique, Partnering class, Actor’s Skill in Ballet, Character Dance, Classical Repertoire, Variations, Pas de Deux , Choreography Ballet  ‘Nutcracker, Enchanted Christmas, ballet variations and various group numbers.

Work in Canada as a ballet teacher and  guest dancer: Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, Academy of Classical Ballet, Danse  Acadie ballet school. Participant in  the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, 3rd Moncton Armenian Festival, like choreographer and leading dancer.

Ilshat participated in the International Ballet competitions: International Ballet Competition of M.Sabirova, Dushande, International Ballet Competition of S.Dagilev, Moscow, International Ballet Competition ‘’Arabesque’’, Perm. Participant of the International Ballet Festivals and Tours (Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia,Estonia, USA, Finland, Russia, Argentina and other). Worked with world-wide- known classic and modern choreographs from Russia, Argentina ,Mexico, Germany (N. Dolgushin, G. Aleksidze, A. Polubentsev, V. Budarin, G.Contreras, E. Agoglia, A. Servera,V. Janeiro, O.Araiz, S. Vikharev, M.Bolshakova and others). Performed with the international ballet stars, like Farukh Ruzimatov, Julia Makhalina, Diana Vishneva, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Marihiro Ivata, Margarita Kulik, Inna Petrova, Andrey Uvarov and others. 

Jayden Meyer

Jayden joined RSDA’s Competitive Program in 2005 and trained in all dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Pointe. She has successfully passed her Intermediate 3 Jazz and Tap examinations upon graduating and has been award the prestigious mark of “Highly Commended Plus” along with an ADAPT Medal, twice. In 2016, Jayden completed her 3rd and final year of ADAPT Teachers Training in Toronto which has allowed her to teach and prepare her students for ADAPT Examinations. 


Over the years, Jayden has travelled with RSDA and has had the opportunity to perform in Disney World, New York City and take classes in London, England at MOVE IT Dance Convention. She is constantly striving to learn and grow as a dance teacher by attending different conventions such as Alberta Dance Educators Association Teacher's Conference and the Calgary Dance Teacher Expo.


Jayden is also certified in Acrobatic Arts Module 1 & 2 and International Dance Teaching Standards. She teaches full time at RSDA and loves what she does, you can always catch her in the hallway for a hello!






Tessa Kemp...

- ADAPT Jazz and Tap Certified

- Grew up dancing at RSDA and is one of the original recipients of RSDA's Pride Award

- Trained in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop

- Has a Hospitality and Management Diploma from SAIT, Calgary, AB

- While studying at RSDA Tessa took her RAD Ballet, and ADAPT Jazz and Tap Exams

- Attended the Alberta Dance Teachers Association Conference in Edmonton, Alberta

- Certified AFLCA Fitness Instructor

- MOC Barre Level 1 & 2

Jessica Christman Bgirl *Zing*...

Growing up Jessica was a competitive gymnast from the age of 3, but then decided to pursue dance instead and joined a hip-hop team called Soul Rhythm. Later she decided to get creative and find a way to combine her gymnastic abilities with dancing, and started attending J-Fish crew's breakdance classes on a weekly basis from 2003-2005. After entering many breaking battles, and attending workshops with pro b-boys, poppers, lockers, and hip-hop choreographer's, she decided to pursue dance even further. She soon became a crew member of J-Fish and voluntarily taught breaking to over 100 students on a weekly basis for drop in classes in the year 2005 and 2006. Throughout junior high and highschool, she spent her summers out at Eagle's Nest Ranch co-teaching the hip-hop specialty camps to all ages. 

After one year of general studies at college, Jessica spent two years performing worldwide with a group called GX International. GX is one of the four featured performing teams that travel with Impact World Tour. Producing a multimedia production of urban culture, GX is a global expression of extreme skating, hip hop dancing, breaking, freestyle motor-cross, bmx, and djs. The team consists of people who are recruited from all over the world to spread their style and bring raw truth into the chaos of reality. This group performs shows at school assemblies to challenge the youth with a positive message and inspire young people. Jessica performed as a dancer / breaker with GX across the United States, Europe, Africa, South Africa, and Asia, doing shows for crowds as large as 12,000 people. 

Most recently she has been a part of helping launch GX Canada, which is based out of her home town; Medicine Hat, AB. Jessica loves to continually broaden her knowledge by attending hip-hop workshops and breakdance battle's on the weekends to stay in the loop.

Jessica and her Husband Jay are excited to annouce the arrival of their daughter!



Jordyn Skrove

- Trained in all dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip Hop,and Lyrical

- Studied at Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

- Has taken summer programs at The Edge School for Athletes as well as the To the Pointe Summer Intensive under Sheri Drewitz.

- Has completed her ADAPT Pre-Intermediate 3 Jazz and Tap Examinations as well as all previous levels with exceptional marks. Jordyn will be entering in her Intermediate 3 Exams this year!

- Jordyn has been award the prestigious mark of “Highly Commended Plus” along with an ADAPT Medal.

- Was awarded the RSDA "PRIDE", "Stretch for Success" and "S.T.E.P" award

- Jordyn has recieved recognition from many adjuidcators for her outstanding technique and performance quality on stage.









Yzabel Bauyon...

- Trained in all dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip Hop,and Lyrical

-Has completed her Pre-Intermediate 2 Jazz and Tap Examinations with exceptional marks. Yzabel will be completing her Pre-Intermediate 3 Exams this December!

-Has been awarded the "Stretch for Success" and "P.R.I.D.E" awards at RSDA.

-Has preformed in the Disney World Christmas Parade

-Yzabel has recieved prestigious marks and scholarships at competitions including a "Diamond" mark at Diamond Dance Xtreme. She is always striving to learn and become a better teacher and dancer!







Harrison Gietz

Harrison began dancing at the age of 8 here at Rhythmic Soles. He started off taking recreational jazz and tap classes and quickly discovered his love ofdance, joining the competitive program in his second year. During his time at RSDA, Harrison trained in a variety of styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and more. He played the eponymous role in Rhythmic Soles' 2018 production of The Nutcracker, and has also completed his ADAPT Pre Inter III Jazz and Tap examinations. Along with teaching this year, Harrison is training in Calgary with the Tritone Rhythm Ensemble under the instruction of Tasha Lawson. You can catch Harrison on the world stage this November, as he will be traveling to Germany to compete with Team Canada at the IDO World Tap Championships!

Special Guest Instructors


Sarah Hutton...

Sarah Hutton was born and raised in the small town of Hanna, Alberta where she discovered her love for movement at an early age of five when she took her first Highland dance class. Ever since, Sarah was intrigued by the possibilities of dance in all its forms. She continued to take on more class and styles at her local studio and eventually began to teach classes of her own and create her own choreography as a teen. In hopes of getting the best training possible, Sarah began to travel to many workshops and competitions outside of Hanna and Alberta. The feedback she received in her travels, the exposure to new dance communities, and her love of dance further encouraged her to pursue a career in dance. She moved to Vancouver in 2013 and began training with the Source Dance Company under the direction of Joanne Pesusich, for two years. The Source would introduce her to hip hop, house, contemporary, and ballet. With this training and mentorship under Joanne Pesusich Sarah danced for Sephora Cosmetics, St. Paul’s Hospital Gala, and met choreogaphers and mentors she continues to work with today. Her time with The Source gave her insight to a deeper desire to explore contemporary dance. After participating in a scholarship program at EDAM Dance under Peter Bingham, she was introduced to contact improvisation. The joy and interest she took from contact improvisation was the last thing to help her decide to dive into a career in contemporary dance. She is now dancing with Modus Operandi in Vancouver under the direction of Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond. Sarah continues to bring innovative ideas to choreographers, audiences, and students with her unique urban and contemporary movement and her focus and joy she brings to her dancing.

During her Grade 12 year Sarah travelled to Brooks to take technique classes at RSDA. She has completed her Intermediate 1 ADAPT Jazz and Tap Exams





Graeme Kitagawa...




Graeme grew up in Brooks, Alberta and started dancing at the age of  3. There he trained at Rhythmic Soles Dance Academy in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. He has also completed his ADAPT Intermediate 3 Jazz and Tap exams. After graduation Graeme moved to Vancouver to train at Harbour Dance Centre in the Intensive Training Program. Under the direction of Moe Brody, he trained with many well-known choreographers in Vancouver. This year Graeme completed a year of training with Joanne Pesusich and the Source Dance Company. Also this year, he appeared in an episode of ABC’s “Imaginary Mary” and was a part of a production of “The Music Man” with Gateway Theatre.










Jakob Jennissen...


Jakob started his training at RSDA at the age of 8. There he trained in jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, lyrical, tap and musical theatre. He completed his ADAPT Inter 1,2 and 3 jazz and tap exams and also had the opportunity to perform and take classes in DisneyWorld and New York City. After graduating, Jakob began his training with the Intensive Training Program (ITP) at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver with Moe Brody. He spent the past year dancing with The Source Dance Company under the direction of Joanne Pesusich and will be continuing with Source this September.









Tamara Block...

Tamara grew up training in all dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Pointe. While training at RSDA, Tamara has completed RAD Ballet exams, and Jazz and Tap ADAPT exams up to Intermediate 3 level with high marks, including Highly Commended Plus. She was fortunate enough to be able to perform in Walt Disney Land and New York City, and receive scholarships for Peridance Capezio Dance Centre in New York City, Rocky Mountain Dance Project in Jasper, and Street Groove Hip Hop Convention in Edmonton, to name a few. Tamara also travelled to many dance conventions to learn from many well-known choreographers, this includes attending the Alberta Dance Educators Association Teacher’s Conference in Edmonton. After graduating from high school, Tamara continued her training in Vancouver. Taking part in the pre-professional program at Harbour Dance Centre, the Intensive Training Program (ITP), she was exposed to a variety of new styles and was lucky enough to have many performance opportunities with her program. Tamara has taken all of this incredible knowledge with her as she continues her studies at the University of Calgary, taking a combined degree of Kinesiology and Dance. Tamara is interested in the connection between science and the movement of the body, while furthering her contemporary training and continuing to gain and spread as much knowledge as she can. 









Dani West...

Dani is proud to offer physiotherapy services catered specifically towards dancers. Having attained a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance (with Distinction), Dani is anxious to finally be able to meld her two worlds of dance and physiotherapy. She has trained in multiple genres including tap, ballet, jazz and modern and holds her Grade 9 Al Gilbert Tap Certification and her Intermediate Level in the RAD Ballet Syllabus. She currently treats at the Calgary Winter Club and the Edge School for Athletes. To book an appointment with Miss Dani E-mail indepthphysio@gmail.com